The Advertising Portfolio & Repository for Writer/Creative Director Eran Thomson

Eran is an award-winning wordsmith and “idea machine” working mainly in Sydney, LA and New York.

TL;DR – Creative Director, Copywriter, Director, Agency Co-Founder, BBH, TBWA and more, big fan of strategy, loves ATL, but fluent in digital and social, John McEnroe doppelgänger – No Grand Slams, but lots of advertising awards… if those matter to you.

He is a  creative leader, problem solver, and Copywriter extraordinaire, but if anyone asks, he’s an Art Director who loves to write. (Because an Art Director who can write is gold, but a Copywriter who thinks he can art direct is a pain in the hole).

Prior to his current status as a Freelance Writer/Creative Director and pitch consultant, Eran was Creative Director at TCO. As part of a newly installed management team he helped instil new processes, rebuilt the creative department, rebranded the agency and worked with blue-chip brands like Johnson & Johnson (Skin Care, Neutrogena, Nicorette), Nestlé (Kit Kat, Allen’s, Aero, Wonka, Lifesavers, Nespresso, Uncle Toby’s etc.), Optus, Maximus Sports Drink, Coca-Cola, American Express, Samsung, and more. (Key Achievements)

Other agency experience includes co-founding the Sydney office of Freeform Asia Pacific. Under his creative supervision the boutique quickly built a portfolio that included the Australian launch of Chucky, the rebranding of AMF Bowling, as well as, campaigns for Fudge hair care and AusFilm, and was eventually acquired by the AJF Partnership.

As Group Creative Director at TBWA Sydney he was in charge of brands including Qantas, Lion/Nathan and Apple, and his pitch work for Sony PlayStation earned the Sydney office wider access to creative briefs from the global network. (Working Australian)

Prior to arriving in Australia Eran held a senior role at the New York outpost of BBH where he worked on founding clients Reebok and Lipton, and helped launch the world’s first online community for teens, (Key Learnings)

Eran’s dedication to the “craft” has earned him at least one of nearly every advertising and design award, and his work is featured in marketing textbooks, trade journals and creative annuals. As a CD he enjoys mentoring Juniors, and volunteers as an AWARD School Tutor.

Eran is also a Writer/Director/Producer repped by Chimney and Comedy & Co. He has a passion for comedy and develops branded content, TV, and film projects through his creative collective, Notice Corp. His commercial reel includes work for Foot Locker USAKidney Health AustraliaKit Kat, and the controversial, award-winning, Greens Party election ad.

Other projects of note include founding Zuper Superannuation, Laugh-Masters Academy and Song Saga.

His love of ideas and their execution, coupled with a high agency pedigree gives Eran the strategic insight, client management skills, and creative stewardship necessary to ensure your next project is a success.

Eran’s other loves include snowboarding, freestyle rap, and old Land Rovers.


Eran Thomson

McEnroe look-alike? You be the Judge. Three things are for sure: Eran has way less hair, way less temper, and if you give him a tennis racquet he’ll just play a Van Halen solo.