Have you seen this crazy, weird, giant kitten filled advertising around Australia lately? #Yes of course you have, because this recent campaign from Optus had one of, if not the, largest media spends behind it in history.

Optus Says #YES! 1


This massive campaign idea originated inside TCO and then spread out among the rest of Optus’ rostered agencies. Working at an executive level with peers inside Zenith/Optimedia, Cypha, and M&C Saatchi we helped develop all the online/social elements as well as, production and delivery of all Yes Requests.

Some of the most interesting bits of the Yes Project are the creation of the #Yes Team who are standing by to deliver on “yes requests” made on Twitter and Instagram, the creation of “The Yes Index” (launch Jan ’15) which tracks the overall optimism, enthusiasm and “Yes-ness” of Australia,* and the “#YES” hash-tag takeover on social media.

Sales and acquisition figures went through the roof. Results and more work examples in the TCO case study below, but perhaps one of my favourite examples of how social change inside Optus has helped their brand is this.

It’s worth mentioning that we created the opportunity to do all this work with a proactive pitch that eventually led to TCO winning the digital and social creative work for Optus and landed TCO on their list of rostered agencies. Along the way we helped Optus re-imagine the way they undertake their Gurus internal content platform, set up an internal change program and an external communication platform for Optus to actually live up to it’s “Yes” tagline in a visible, meaningful way, and drove the creative development of an idea  which led to the entire “Live More Yes!” campaign being executed across all their rosters agencies.

*Similar to the famous Happiness Index in Bhutan only slightly less amazing. Here’s a sneak peek.

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